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Futari wa Pretty Cure Mahou Mirage (ふたりはプリキュア魔法ミラージュ Futari wa Purikyua Mahō Mirāju) is the new pair of Pretty Cure! After the airing of Max Heart and Splash Star, it was the end of Futari wa...or was it? The fanbase loaded up with a lot of new series, and now is the debut of Mahou Mirage!

The basics? Akagi Madoka meets transfer student Hirose Ryoko after a wish to become her friend, then mascot Reflect gives the two the power to become Pretty Cure! With the phrase Dual Reflected Blessing!, the girls transform!

Now the newest Pretty Cure, Cure Blossom Mirage and Cure Marine Mirage, will team up to take down the evil forces of Dark Onward!

More About Futari wa Pretty Cure Mahou MirageEdit

Akagi Madoka is a quiet, laid back junior high student who soon finds out about transfer student Hirose Ryoko, a much more cheerful girl. The only problem? They are not in the same grade level or classes! Madoka wishes to make a new friend in hopes it is Ryoko. All of a sudden, a cute mascot falls from the sky! As if by fate, it happens right in front of Madoka and Ryoko! The mascot introduces herself as Reflect and states the girls are just right for the role of Pretty Cure! Soon enough, a monster is loose in town and the girls transform right before their eyes! Madoka and Ryoko will team up together to stop Dark Onward from taking over Earth!


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